Guts and Stuff: Not Another Zombie Apocalypse

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I think there’s something to be said about showing your guts in a realistic and honest way.

Showing your guts

I’ll just come out and say it, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and not myself recently about life, who I am, and what I’m doing.  There—I said it.  “Nooo, what are you doing?  The people want someone confident, bright, and charismatic!” they say.  Not to say that I’m not those things, but I just haven’t been feeling like myself or as light as I have been as of late.  And speaking of which, when did the presentation or simulation of confidence ever replace that of feeling confident anyways?

Let me start by saying, that those who know me would probably describe me as always being energetic, outgoing, spunky, dancing, and as a pretty personable person who goes out of her way to be weird and talk to random people—guiltyyyyy~.  So affirming to someone other than myself in such a public way on the interwebs that my world’s kind of a whirlwind right now might not be the best way to position myself for prospective employers, exude credibility to my readers (if anyone’s out there), or be the most comfortable feeling out there, but I was recently inspired by a friend’s daring gesture to open up and lay it all out there very publicly, his frustration and desire to change his life and grow, rather than try to bear it all and work it out himself.  In that sense of being so exposed and naked before everyone you know, I felt touched, inspired, and amazed by that level of courage.

I’m writing not to cry or complain about feeling a bit lost in my soul search of who I am but because, in this culture or society where always presenting a strong, confident, and shiny image while enduring quietly is seen as strength, I think there’s something to be said about showing your guts in a realistic and honest way.  I think there’s not enough of that and that we kind of place a stigma on expressing that we’re still an undefined work in progress (especially as we get older), thus i hope this post incites a gutsy revolution.  😉  Just kidding.  More than easy to get caught up in our own whirlwinds of self-making, discovery, creation, living up to our goals, and being “busy trying to become who we are” or “figuring it all out,”  it’s difficult to keep in mind that we’re all humans and that we’re all going through the same things.  Sometimes it helps or is inspiring to know that even people who you aren’t the closest with can relate and that we’re all in this big ocean together.  So this is me, reaching out and sharing with you my guts and stuff.


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