Music Crush: No MDMA–This is the “Sweet Talk”

For my sophomore music post–real talk, Jessie Ware.

Have you ever heard a song and felt like it was just made for or meant to be played for exactly that moment of your existence?  By some arbitrary alignment of planets, Sailor Scouts, Deepak Chopra, or cosmos, you listen to a song and it feels like everything is as it should be.  Everything’s just right.

I first heard Jessie Ware’s music late last year, but my obsession’s really exploded in 2013.  I think we can all agree that there are a lot of factors which contribute to why we love music as much as we do, be it the production, synth, autotune, catchy repetitive baseline, sticky-sweet pop choruses that you want to hate but can’t, the genuine (and the not so genuine) singing talent—whatever your flavor.  However, and you can quote me on this, most music today doesn’t have a pinky of the amount of soul that Jessie Ware’s music does (and not just a few songs but all of her music!), which is why I’m barking all over this tree.  I mean, I guess unless you’re not into hearty, soulful stuff—a rhetorical statement.

Anyway, when I got home today the sun was just disappearing underneath the horizon, just kissing the tip tops of the buildings with its last light.  Finishing my bowl of yogurt, granola, and honey, I put on Jesse’s “Sweet Talk” and, perhaps on some alternate level or plane of being, the heartstring of “Sweet Talk” must’ve synchronized, aligned, or intersected with my own pulse or spirit in that wicked moment, ’cause everything just felt “right” and as it should be.  This ain’t your Coachella story but just an arbitrary drop in the ocean.  I might be crazy, or there must’ve been something in that yogurt, but to put it another way, Pharrell Williams recently said about his collab. with Daft Punk on their new track “Get Lucky”:

You don’t kneed MDMA for this music ‘cause the music is so incredibly vivid.  People lost respect for the groove; everything is just, you know, synthetic that, like, it doesn’t really, uh—it, it’s just missing the gut.”  Source:

This is exactly how I feel about Jessie Ware.  When straight music collides with your soul.  No additives, no MDMA.  That’s what’s up.

Shout out to Nina for finding the Clash video.

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