In that moment, we were Infinite

It’s late, sometime after twelve o’clock late.  I look out the kitchen window–I didn’t bother to turn the light on–and gaze into the sea of twisting, darkened houses where a few small flares of light shone—some streetlights, maybe some windows.  I wasn’t really paying attention.

But I had a thought.  While I’m here, calmly and (relatively) peacefully inside my house, there is and will always be someone outside doing something somewhere else.  Creepy-related anythings aside, and granted that we certainly all have our nights in and nights out, my mind opened in a different way.  Rather than a longing for a night about town, or wondering of what shenanigans other young chaps might be up to, at this very moment, in my city of seven-by-seven miles, 8 million people could be having 8 millions different types of nights, I thought.

For just as I am here in my kitchen, holding a cup of tea, someone somewhere must be punch-drunk and stumblin’ for a cab trying to get home (on a Tuesday night); trying to close up a restaurant, a store, a bar; getting off work or staying up to work; finishing up a first date with a new crush; breaking up, cheating or being cheated on; having a jam sesh in their mom’s dank basement; sleeping in bed, in a car, on a boat, in the park, or under the highway; catching up on Mad Men or just Hulu surfing.  At this moment in time, someone somewhere must be cooking, fleshing out some homegrown recipes, the next big thing, a business plan, a new idea; grinding out a new level, a new skill, an old skill, a new perspective. Someone somewhere else must be having one of the best nights of their lives, while another, one of the worst. Heck, most of these moments might not even be that glamorous, spectacular, or memorable, but that doesn’t mean that (in hindsight) this speck in time won’t become part of that sweet, nostalgic blur of our rememory that, if we are so lucky, we will be able to take with us into old age–and smile secretly to ourselves.

The possibilities and potential scenarios are infinite, yet instantaneous.  For just as I am here, in the dark looking out into the dark, everyone is everywhere experiencing everything in this evening.  From my seven-by-seven plotted big town, to the entire state, country, continent, and globe.

Can you imagine that?  I can’t even…

Oh, yeah.  And here’s one reason why the SF Bay Area is beast.


VIDEO: Simon Christen via Vimeo.
Cover Image: Scribblers’ Apprentice via WordPress.

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