Cyril Hahn: A Mix to Melt All Other Mixes

Seriously, wow. I don’t know how this guy’s flown under my radar thus far, but I’m so glad this mix just started playing on my SoundCloud today. Colloquially-speaking, this mix by Switzerland-born, Vancouver-livin’ rising producer Cyril Hahn is nothing short of “Super Rad,” and I wager to say it’s got my vote for fan favorite “song” of the month! (I know it’s only been a week and a half, but hey!)  😉

Anyways, a deep sound for all my grown and sexies — and I’ll leave it at that.


Cassie – Numb ft Rick Ross
Shy Girls – Under Attack (The-Drum Remix)
Closed Paradise – The Daulphin
Roosevelt – Around You
Les Sins – Grind
Jakwob – Fade (Le Youth Remix)
How to Dress Well – & It Was U (Elite Gymnastics Remix)



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