About Me

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Do the things that scare you the most, for growth and discovery lie in embracing the unknown.


First of all — thanks for stopping by and welcome to my space!  I am a San Francisco native, lover of coffee, live music, late night conversations, and some good old fashioned leaving everything comfortable and familiar behind without abandon [whilst terrifying friends and family alike] to travel on a one-way ticket to Asia.

Travel can be many things: a vacation, an adventure, an escape, a ritual, a discovery, and is often a little bit of all of these.  For me, it is an intensely exhilarating way to (excuse the Bay Area in me) “disrupt” my life and myself and thrust me into new cultures, situations, and conversations where languages, values, and conversations can be as colorful as they are varied!

Traveling far and wide and often, with friends and solo, and without a predestined end-date is how I’m living.  TLDR is a place for me to house and share some of my stories and thoughts.

Be seeing you soon.


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